Academy of Martial - Art, Kolkata

Academy of Martial - Art
( A Society for the Study of Shaolin Kung-Fu ) Kolkata

Welcome to the Academy of Martial - Art
Martial Arts is not only for combat but it provides self defense, sports as well as recreational benefits. At Academy of martial arts we provide Shaolin Kung Fu (ancient Chinese martial arts ) training. Kung Fu can be practiced in dedicated manner as well as a routine exercise.

Associated with the Empowerment of Women in Society by providing Workshop based Martial Arts Training to students of  Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts, Kolkata

Shaolin Kung Fu
( A self defense technique )In today's context self defense is a need everybody should opt for. Shaolin Kung Fu is an excellent technique for self defense be it for kids, girls or for aged people.

Shaolin Kung Fu
( A recreational exercise )

If you are bored visiting the regular gym then you can opt for Shaolin Kung Fu as it not only provides aerobic exercises benefits but also a way to express yourself, a way to defend yourself at the same time being interesting and recreational.

Who can opt for Shaolin Kung Fu?
There is no age bar as such for an individual to practice kung Fu. Right from kids to aged people can practice Kung Fu.

Academy of Martial - Art

( A Society for the Study of Shaolin Kung-Fu )
Affiliated to Shaolin Kung-Fu-Shu Association ( Regd. )

115/1 B.B.Chatterjee Road
Kolkata - 42
West Bengal
Timings - (9:00 - 11:00 AM) Sunday,(6:30 - 7:30 PM ) Tuesday & Friday
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